What is voice over translation, and how can it elevate your video to a new level?

The world is vast, and we are all different. It’s worth remembering this when you want to share your message. Often, sharing your video or film in your own language is not enough, and expecting everyone to understand and love it is unrealistic. The better your translation and localization, the greater the chance of reaching a broader audience.

Localization is a crucial concept in the globalized world we live in. This is because adapting your content and making it available in different languages is essential to reach your target audience and establish a connection with them.

Voice over translation is an obvious method for translating a message, and that’s what this article is all about. So, what exactly is voice over translation, and how can it elevate your video to a new level? We’ll tell you here.

What is voice over translation?

First things first: let’s briefly outline what voice over translation is before we delve into its benefits. As the name suggests, it is an audio translation from one language to another. This can involve translating a script and having it voiced in the target language or directly translating a recording into the target language.

The voice over in the target language is spoken by a native speaker to ensure that pronunciation, accent, etc., closely match the target audience. This ensures the best possible result and helps ensure that the video is watched until the end and remains memorable.

Where are voice over translations applied?

Voice over translations are advantageous for videos that aim to explain or describe, and those that demand more attention from the audience. This makes sense, as in advertising or product videos, for example, the voice over takes over the explanatory or descriptive part while the video showcases the product or service.

The possibilities are wide-ranging, but areas where voice over translations make particularly good sense include:

Voice over translations make videos more approachable

You’re probably familiar with this: you’re more inclined to buy a product or service when the information is presented in your own language. The same goes for videos and voice overs. We prefer to have them in our own language because it makes the content more understandable and credible.

There are various ways to translate a video, but most often, voice over translation leads the way. The reason is simple: it’s the most understandable and meets all the criteria to provide the audience with the best viewing experience.

Consider subtitles for comparison – another form of video content translation. Subtitles can quickly become a distraction for the audience and are often challenging to follow while watching the video.

In comparison to subtitles, voice over translations are the simpler solution from the audience’s perspective because they don’t require focusing on a second visual component; you can listen while watching.

Different types of voice over translation

As mentioned earlier, there are different ways to translate the voices in a video. One of them is called dubbing, where all voices in a video are replaced with voice overs translated into the target language.

Another option is called UN or video layover, where the original voice over is muted, and the voice over in the target language is literally overlaid on top.

The choice of translation method always depends on the subject matter, the type of material available, and, most importantly, the target audience. Regardless of the method you choose, the key point is that with voice over translation, your chances of reaching and engaging your audience are greater.

Voice over translation in over 150 languages

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Anna Sticken

Global Key Account Manager