An advertisement is not worth much without a voiceover. Subtitles are fine, but nothing beats a compelling voice that can break through the viewer’s native language and create a credible and clear connection. With a convincing voiceover for your advertisement, you are sure to break through the wall of visual images and videos – and create an advertisement that your customers will remember.

At VoiceArchive, we help you find just the voice that can elevate your advertisement to the next level. That means we provide you with a selection of relevant voices and ensure that your message is delivered spot on. This applies to any language, purpose, and desired outcome.

That’s why you need a voiceover in your advertisement

Imagine a Jysk advertisement without Lars Larsen’s recognizable Jutlandic voice or a McDonald’s advertisement without the deep, resonant male voice saying, “The cheeseburger. You can almost smell it…”. It wouldn’t quite be the same, would it? The voiceover helps reinforce your brand and create the right atmosphere – all while putting words to your product or brand. And when you use a voiceover, you can use more words compared to what you would have space for visually in the advertisement.

With a voiceover in your advertisement, you get: 

  • Enhanced atmosphere in your advertisement
  • An explanation of the message in a way that neither images nor subtitles can
  • Greater credibility and personality through a distinctive voice
  • Increased recognition among your listeners
  • A greater chance of being remembered
  • The opportunity to establish credibility through different languages.

So, a commercial voiceover has many important roles to play. Elements that, when combined with the visual, can create an advertisement that is both appealing, credible, and recognizable.

Find your advertisement voiceover with us

At VoiceArchive, there’s not much distance from thought to action, and we know how important the voice is in your advertisement. We have an enormous database of talented voice artists with specific experience in advertisements, and they are trained to hit different tones or characters that can showcase and highlight your brand’s DNA. We won’t stop until you are 100% satisfied with the final result of your advertisement.

This means that we: 

  • Find the match that best conveys your advertisement’s message and suits your industry and product
  • Translate and adapt the language if the advertisement needs to be translated
  • Provide you with tailored demos and audio clips
  • Produce the voiceover from start to finish with your chosen voice artist
  • Ensure mastering and technical and practical editing so the final voiceover plays seamlessly.

In short: We make sure the voiceover is there to elevate your advertisement to the next level.

Does your advertisement need life and character? Then help is not far away. You can use our VoiceFinder or contact us directly. Regardless of the path you choose, you can be sure that we will do everything to find the voice that matches your advertisement and your message perfectly.

Anna Sticken

Global Key Account Manager