Listen, Learn and Level Up with Localized Voiceovers

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  • Harvard Business Review believes that using the right voice in your content strategy – one that balances local language and culture can dramatically enhance how employees respond to and collaborate locally and globally.

  • Training in the native language can make your workplace safer, more productive, and more efficient, today and tomorrow.

  • Comprehensive training programs lead to 218% higher revenue per employee. Don’t underestimate the power of the mother tongue!

Greater Engagement,
Knowledge Uptake
& Response from the Classroom to the Boardroom


  • Authentic, native language voiceovers add character, atmosphere, and energy. Corporate-toned, heavy programs lead to reduced motivation, decreased productivity, and less inspiration.
  • Voice-overs in e-Learning encourage a two-way dialogue. Learning feels less textbook, less rigid, and more relatable.
  • The positive catalyst effect flows through every aspect of learning – from greater productivity to more innovative thought and higher retention rates.

Less Textbook: More Real-Life
Authentic e-Learning Starts with Audio

Audio e-Learning enhances every stage of the training process.

Voice-overs stick in our minds like our favorite song or viral ad campaign.

Designing and implementing sound snippets and voiceovers that are aligned with your e-Learning modules are what we do best. From micro content to long-form, we see the potential in the power of audio and translate that to your project.

Innovative Digital Audio for the e-Learning Sector by VoiceArchive

We’re Europe’s no.1 voice-over agency and we’re passionate about using the power of digital audio to drive sales and increase brand awareness.

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Audio e-Learning: The Next Module

  • From the classroom to the boardroom, we believe voiceovers are the vital link in your e-Learning content strategy.
  • We work with some of the world’s market-leading e-Learning companies, enhancing training with sound snippets and premium voice talent.
  • The e-Learning market is predicted to grow to over $240 billion in 2022The future of e-Learning lies in listening. As humans, we absorb and learn faster when all the senses are engaged.
  • Take advantage of the space – upgrade your e-learning with more engaging, immersive, influential content. Sonic branding and voice talent will get you there.
  • 71% of us would rather hear a real person talking than a synthetic AI voiceover.
  • Adding an optimized audio strategy boosts authentic communication for greater familiarity, flow, and function.

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We’ve just showcased our innovative audio branding solutions at LEARNTEC 2022 (from May 31st through to June 2nd).

Let us help you discover how we can upgrade your e-Learning content experience with immersive, engaging, responsive audio.

Anna Sticken

Global Key Account Manager