From Insta reels to YouTube shorts, the digital world has changed the way we consume audio ads. Which means the way we create audio ads has transformed too.

These days, it’s much more common to reuse an audio commercial, chop it up and use snippets across different channels to hook more listeners.

Remixing audio across many platforms means your commercial gets a new lease of life, without the extra expense of another recording. Plus, refreshed ads mean new customers, right?

Total ownership of voice recordings gives you the freedom to use them forever

In whatever format or creative setup you decide on, and it goes beyond copyright and licensing.

Complete buyout is a two-way strategy for purchasing forever rights to a voiceover recording, which also allows you to remix, reuse and reinvent the audio wheel across multiple creative touchpoints.

With that in mind, let’s explore the basics of buyouts and how you can make them work for you…


Buyouts 101
What Is a Buyout?

A full buyout or complete buyout in the audio world means you’re purchasing forever rights to a voiceover recording. You’re unlimited in the amount you can use it on the purchased media channel and have all the creative freedom to edit, reshape and reformat it however you want. Let’s take paid online usage, a full buyout will make you able to use your owned recording unlimited online (both paid and organic).

Typically, you might own a voiceover recording for 12 months – 2 years, but with a complete buyout, you make a single purchase to own that voice recording forever, meaning you never have to pay fees or royalties to the voice artist again.

Audio, But Make It Forever

Have you ever recorded a voiceover that just hits the spot? But it’s not a one-off spot. You can visualize this recording aligning with your creative strategy today and tomorrow, hooking in different audiences over several crucial marketing times of the year. If this is the case, lock that voiceover down with a complete buyout.

Complete buyouts are often not that far removed from the costs of medium-term ownership. What’s more, VoiceArchive can arrange them for you.

We’ve got 10+ years of experience handling them and our sales team can negotiate buyouts with a diverse mix of voice talent, even if they’re already the voice of another brand.

After Fixed Rates, Language Flex & Simple Buyout Structure?

Dive into Our Voice Stars Pool

At VoiceArchive, we understand the complexities when dealing with multiple campaigns and voice artists. It can be challenging to keep tabs on when your licenses run out and deciding which campaign to run with, axe or refresh.

To make life easier, we sell complete voiceover buyouts from the get-go. Our curated pool of global voice talents called ‘Voice Stars’ features a range of voice artists who have pre-agreed to full buyouts (e.g. complete online or TV buyout). We can also negotiate them with other talents in the roster for you on other cases.

Need a video on your website, YouTube or other socials and want to choose from 20+ languages? You got it. For Voice Stars, organic usage is always included, meaning you own the recording permanently. For broadcast means (paid adverts / boosted commercials), Voice Stars rights can be bought for 12 months, 2 years or forever.

All of our Voice Stars offer carefree buyout packages.

In the lookout for recordings with buyout?

Gain the clarity you need to quickly identify the voice recordings you own forever and those you need to secure.

We can help you retain the best voice talent at the best price for the highest quality audio output. Remove the hassle of renewing licenses and Start achieving more with audio, today.