voice narration

If you’ve been on the search for a professional voice narration for your project, you might have heard the term “marketplace”.

But what is the business model of a voice over marketplace?

A marketplace is a model where voice over talent and clients use a common platform to both post jobs and hire talent.

This sounds brilliant, but how do these marketplaces generate revenue?

Voice talents pay to be a part of the roster of voice options. With a sort of subscription fee, talents enter into a contract. With this, they can access the business process of the company. And this is while they are secured a listing as a voice option.

Some of those business processes might also cost a fee. A special recording system or the rent of a voice over studio, accessories and required software to participate in the marketplace all might add to the fees incurred by the voice talent.

What are the risks of ordering at marketplaces?

The quality of voice narration can go up and down. You might get lucky today and get the new Tara Strong, but quality and consistency over time can be a challenge.

The talent fee itself might be low. But the indirect costs like your time spent on coordinating project details, briefs, and assets skyrocket. As well as the additional hidden add-on costs like on-top studio rent.

What is the advantage of Voicearchive over a marketplace?

Simple. Voicearchive believes in building relationships with voice talents. We know and understand the voice skills each of our talents has. Therefore, we can give you a precise recommendation for each project.

By opening up our roster to include anyone willing to subscribe, we lose touch with the voice narrator and their skills. Instead of this, we ensure diversity of voice attributes and understand our roster strengths and points of improvement. We keep our standards of voice over high and our voice talent’s quick turnaround, high quality and fair prices reflect that.

We also don’t believe our technology should be a leverage point for doing business with us. Voice talents get free access to our systems and help to ensure their equipment is delivering top quality.

Whether you search through our roster yourself or contact us for FREE casting and quoting, you can be sure each professional voice talent wants to be a part of our team.