The Aarhus-based evolution of Shapewear

For Shabes, a two-year journey is about to end, and a new one is about to commence. The Aarhus-based company is launching its crowdfunding campaign on Wednesday 31st.

Their goal? Hitting their funding goals to be able to produce and launch their product line.

Their mission? Revolutionize the world of shapewear with a sustainable approach.

With a sustainable European Production, in which 80% of all energy used in their production comes from solar panels, each Shabes piece is 40% made out of recyclable materials that do not compromise on functionality or comfort – they’re just as stretchy.

The importance of Storytelling in Crowdfunding campaigns

Before launching a Crowdfunding campaign, carefully crafting materials representing what your brand and product stand for is a must.

Convincing and engaging the viewers, moving and nudging them towards investing in your idea, requires the right storytelling. The right storytelling, without the right voice, is just not quite the same.

That is why VoiceArchive contributes to Shabes’ new adventure by lending the wonderful voices of Maria (English US) and Justine (English UK) to narrate their story.

SHABES - Effective Comfortable Sustainable Shapewear

Who’s on the video? 🎧.

Listen to Justine (English UK) & Maria (English US)


Being pioneers ourselves, at VoiceArchive, we value investing in emerging businesses by helping them share their stories with the world.

We are always thrilled to voice loud and inspirational messages that may not yet have big budgets to spend on their promotional materials.

Don’t be a stranger – we’re happy to help.

Anna Sticken

Global Key Account Manager