ICHI DinNødhjælp Video Voice Over Voicearchive


Video presentations for humanitarian collaboration. Translation and voice overs of a film into 5 different languages. Seamless and professional voice-over for each of the 5 additional languages.

ICHI DinNødhjælp video voice over Voicearchive

DinNødhjælp is a Danish humanitarian organization founded in 2012, fighting for children’s rights. As OOM’s 2016 most influential person, Anja Ringgren Loven’s work helps the children of Nigeria affected by accusations of witchcraft- accusations which largely result in the torture and killing of the child. By educating the people of Nigeria, DinNødhjælp leads with the goal of eradicating the practice and raising awareness within gripped communities.

ICHI is a contemporary Danish fashion company. Founded in 1999, their products deliver a personal touch intended to spark creativity and uniqueness within their customers.

ICHI DinNødhjælp Video Voice Over Voicearchive


Inspired by the story of Almaz Mengesha, a double-leg amputee triathlete competing to bring awareness to the DinNødhjælp cause, ICHI collaborated to create a powerful campaign entitled “Follow your heart”.

With ICHI having created powerful videos detailing Almaz’s story and inspiration in Danish, Voicearchive was asked to help build out an emotionally rich video presentation voice over experience, dubbed into 5 additional languages.

After watching the videos, it was obvious the most important aspect was the voice of Almaz Mengesha. Her authenticity was inspiring and effectively selecting a skilled voice-over talent which embodied that was critical to the project.

Following successful voice selections, we created timecodes for the translation to ensure that despite word length and pronunciation variation, a seamless and professional voice over video presentation was created for each of the 5 additional languages.



“We teamed up with Voicearchive for a project that required us to translate and narrate a film into 5 different languages. The challenge was to get the speech in multiple languages without losing the length on the sentences. Their voiceover agency offered us a wide range of professional narration voices and the general skill level was really high.”

“Voicearchive were professional and lived up to our expectations with fast delivery and transparent workflow. We were incredibly happy with the co-operation!”


In completing this powerful project, we were inspired by the collaboration between ICHI and DinNødhjælp. Not only were the emotions of the original video communicated effectively in the voice over, but the close cooperation ensured a smooth and efficient process that everyone was happy with.


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