Canal Tours Copenhagen Guide Translation Voicearchive

Audio Guide Voice Over for Tour Service in 11 Languages

Sailing since 1904, Canal Tours Copenhagen is the premier choice for harbor cruises for millions of tourists to Denmark. With 17 modern boats and counting, Canal Tours Copenhagen offers a wide selection of daily tours from the docks and canals of Copenhagen. Beyond continuously modernizing their fleet with technological upgrades and new experiences, Canal Tour Copenhagen prioritizes environmental integrity and offering a genuine, professional experience to visitors.


Although the personal element of a live guide is an essential part of the spirit of Canal Tours Copenhagen, an idea for customized services presented itself- inspiring the introduction of GPS activated, multi-lingual audio guides.

The goal of Voicearchive was to deliver voice over services for the 11 native language audio guides requested, which would offer a personal touch and create a professional and high-quality narration experience to each new customer. From our initial casting process to project deadline, we were still able to consider future expansions and accommodate system capacity needs


The continued relationship with Canal Tours Copenhagen has allowed us to support their business beyond their original vision. Not only have they been inspired to develop the original project further, they have come back to us with confidence for new projects.

“Working with Voicearchive was absolutely amazing, we’ve gotten exactly what we wanted. Voicearchive diligently took care of everything, including intense interaction with translators and off-hours coordination of voice talents in a huge span of time zones. At times, I had the impression she was working around the clock”.

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