Translation & voice-overs for healthcare

There are five administrative regions in Denmark, each of which hold the primary responsibility for all health services and hospitals. Within their region, comprised of 17 municipalities, Region Sjælland also has a major role in the coordinated development for business, education, urban development, public infrastructure and certain environmental areas.
Region Sjælland lives by their vision to create the best possible framework for sustainable growth and quality of life for their citizens by providing services of the highest quality and constantly striving to create a connection


In continuing their mission to deliver quality service, Region Sjælland engaged in an issue challenging their citizens. Recognizing the difficulties in reading and understanding the Danish language, Region Sjælland decided to rethink the concept of how they deliver healthcare information by building an online portal with important interactive content, that was also translated into multiple languages.
To bring this idea to live, Region Sjælland contacted us for help translating and producing professional voiceovers in the different languages for each video. Following the seamless delivery of over 100 translated, synced, mastered, and mixed videos, we uploaded the content for Region Sjælland.

“We, at Region Sjælland, had the pleasure of working with Voicearchive on the Helbredsprofilen project. We worked together on translating all the videos from Danish into 5 different languages. We got all the help we needed, the results were validated and all medical expressions were translated without losing any context.”


Details were critical to the success of this project. The need to properly communicate medical terms in different languages without losing meaning or offering misinformation was an important challenge. The project’s success and recognition has been a testament to the incredible idea and teamwork that went into execution.

“We had a great cooperation on this project. We, as a customer, did not have to follow up with Voicearchive at any point. They worked professionally with the project all the way through, and the whole process was smooth and under great terms!”

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Ruan Le Grange

CEO & Partner, ZA

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Project Manager, ZA