Why to Invest in Sonic Branding

The versatility of audio means there are endless windows of opportunity for engagement. From plugging fitness products as gym-goers listen to fitness podcasts to endorsing a new cookbook while a mum stirs and sieves in the kitchen, the potential of audio branding is endless. Immersive sound is a strategic market disruptor, reaching, connecting, and engaging with consumers, without disturbing them.

🎧   When listeners are more receptive

🔈   In a no-swipe, no-scroll environment

🏙  Tapping and connecting through their day

Audio Branding can help you stand out in an overly saturated space.

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1. The Sound System Between Our Ears: Facts about sound
2. Audio Identity – Is yours on Mute? The key to Audio Identities’ success
3. How Sound Can be Disruptive Without Disturbing: Audio vs other formats
4. Elevated Sensory Intensity: How to capitalize on sound formats
5. The Power of Right Place, Right Time: Why and where to embrace sonic branding

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Anna Sticken

Global Key Account Manager