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Looking for a French voice over?

At VoiceArchive, we have a wide selection of native French voice over talents delivering professional voice-overs for any kind of audio production, being it voice recordings for advertisements or eLearning voice-overs. All European French talents in our voice bank are French citizens living in France. All our voice-over talents must live in their mother tongue country to stay in sync with modern pronunciation and speech pattern – be it colloquial, slang or business language. On this page, you can browse our full range of French voices to find the perfect voice to convey your message. If you’re looking for another variant of French, we also offer Swiss-French, Belgian-French, African French, and Canadian-French voice overs to suit your project needs.

The French language

The French language is a Romance language spoken as the official language in 29 countries worldwide. As one of the most widely spoken mother tongues worldwide, French is estimated to have over 75 million native speakers.