British English Voice Overs

British English is a dialect derived from the West Germanic language, English. The broader English language is in the top 3 most spoken languages in the world. Although there are accent variations, there is a large degree of uniformity in both written and spoken English in Great Britain. This is generally described by the term British English.

Here at VoiceArchive, our British English voice over talents are natives to the language. It is our guarantee that they not only speak British English, but are also exposed to the language daily. It is crucial to pronunciation and tone of voice that our voice over talents live in their mother tongue environment  to ensure a contemporary and up-to-date approach to voice over. If none of the British accents fully satisfy your needs, we’ve got plenty more. Including Welsh English, Scottish English, Irish English as well as a number of English variations spoken outside Great Britain.

We understand the difference the right voice can make. Feel free to BROWSE our British English demos or just CONTACT our friendly team. For no extra cost, let us help you personalize your project.