American English Voice-Overs

We offer a wide array of exceptional, American English native voice talents, ready to deliver high quality voice over services for your project. All our American English voice talents are US natives living in their native states.

Should you choose a general American English voice over, or an American English voice over with a specific accent? It depends on your message. For example, if your voice over is aimed at the entire US market, you should go with the general American English rather than a voice over with a Southern accent.

Regional, cultural differences exist within every country. The US is no exception. As it is a very diverse country, both in size, people and cultures. Considering, we know that every country and culture has different preferences – also when it comes to voices. People from one state or region might react to a different voice, voice accent or style than people from a different state or region.

Many Americans speak with a general American accent– also known as Standard American English. It is perceived as the ‘neutral’ and ‘typical’ US accent, as it is considered free from ethnic, cultural and regional differences. It is also the accent used by most US radio and TV announcers.
At VoiceArchive, we understand the difference the right voice can make. Feel free to browse our voice talent selection or just contact us– our friendly team is ready, for no extra cost, to help you personalize your project and Voice It.