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Looking for Spanish voice over services?

With a rich landscape of dialects, we offer a wide variety of handpicked speaking voice-over professionals ready to supply high-quality Spanish voice overs for your project. All our Spanish voice over talents are living in their mother tongue country. Please click through if you’d like to take a separate look at our European Spanish or our Latin American voice-overs. If you require further assistance, please reach out. Our team of voice over experts will be happy to help you find the voice that best suits your needs.

The Spanish language

A Western Romance language originating from the Iberian Peninsula, Spanish has more than 483 million native speakers throughout Latin America and Spain, making it the second most-spoken native language in the world. Spanish is also one of the closest languages to Latin. Over 75% of the modern Spanish language is derived from Latin.

Much like English, Spain has a rich landscape of dialects and accents throughout the Spanish-speaking areas across the globe. Spanish is mostly spoken in Spain and in areas of Latin America, and its varieties and dialects diverge from one another mainly in pronunciation and vocabulary, less so in grammar. With 20% of the world's Spanish speakers, Mexican Spanish is the most spoken variety.