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The world-renowned German auto group has a strong tradition for pioneering automotive innovations and delivering cutting-edge driving experiences. Few automotive brands demonstrate an impact on history as impressively as BMW’s. From the golden age of propeller aircrafts to today’s high-performance driving machines, we’ve seen BMW on the forefront of development.

With 31 facilities in 14 countries, the company is the leading manufacturer of premium cars and motorcycles and a production trendsetter in technology and sustainability.


Developed by a team of diligent engineers, ConnectedDrive is a technology packet of online and onboard services bundled into the dashboard information system. Designed to optimize safety, enhance convenience, and improve the driving experience, the functionality integrates seamlessly – giving you immediate assistance within reach.

The concept of a unique dashboard information system allows you to intuitively browse through countless, user-friendly video guides – all professionally voiced over in your native language and accessible through integrated smartphone and tablet apps, to ensure full understanding and increased convenience.

Quality assurance

Engaged to supply all voice narration aspects of the ConnectedDrive project, we dialled in- systemizing all processes for order handling, delivering ahead of deadlines, and ensuring seamless file transfer systems. This required us to adapt- integrating with their systems and developing a reliable process flow which we could both trust as partners.


BMW video guide voice over


Following intensive  testing on quality and process standards, including voice over integrity, tone of voice, and audio quality, we became the designated BMW supplier for this technology.

By working together through updates and language additions, our commitment to mutual success continues.

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