Our story

It all started back in the early 90s, when Søren Arnsbo created Voicearchive from a basement in Denmark. Søren had been working for years in radio commercial production and envisioned a simpler way of working with the voice talent network he had.

The high cost of renting professional recording studios, the juggling of schedules, the variety of native language speakers in smaller cities all led him to come up with a new idea.

Rather than charging a fee for each talent to be on our roster, voice talents became an extension of our team. They remotely record using their own approved voice acting studio setup and state of the art technology to create a quality standard across all deliveries.

That is still one of our core ethos- to deliver quality voiceovers, fast and fair priced.

One message, one voice

We believe every project, message and story have a specific voice.

The voice that creates a believable and authentic listening experience. We make sure clients find that voice the first time.

Our people

Your dedicated Voicearchive team at a glance.

Andreas Gromoll

Project Coordinator

Anna Sticken

Head of Sales, DK

Birgitte Hedin

Process Specialist and Project Coordinator

Carsten Hjorth Pedersen

CEO & Partner

Dennis Kofi

Project Coordinator, ZA

Emanuele Latina

Head of Production, UK

Jane Ankjær Ibsen

Sourcing and Casting Manager

Jarrod Cooper

Post Producer, ZA

John Harley

CEO & Partner, UK

Josh Ostwind

Project Coordinator, UK

Laura Skriver

Project Coordinator

Louise Elle


Marina Soriano Porcar

Digital Marketing Specialist

Mathias Lynnerup Jakobsen


Michael Frederik Hansen

Key Account Manager

Michael Hansen

Project Coordinator

Serge Amani

Head of Sales, UK

Søren Arnsbo

Founder & Partner

Ruan Le Grange

CEO & Partner, ZA

Part of arnsbo group

Arnsbo Group is our rapidly growing parent company, holding subsidiaries in the tech industry. Each subsidiary is driven by the Arnsbo Group corporate values:

  • We Strive For Excellence
  • We Act Responsibly
  • We Create WOW
  • We Play and Win
  • We Challenge Status Quo

Learn more about Arnsbo Group on www.arnsbogroup.com