Translation for voice-over

More Than A Translation

Translation for voice-over is quite a different story than regular translations. 
First of all, the translator needs to keep in mind that the words are meant for speech.
Secondly, cultural- and language differences must be considered in the wording and references in order to convey the same message. 
Finally, translations often increase or decrease sentence lengths by several percent, which must be counterbalanced in the translation if the script is timed and/or meant for synchronization. 


Professional Translators

We only work with professional translation agencies, as this assures a high-quality translation as well as accommodation of the special needs of a translation for voice-over.
For large-scale or long-term projects, we will develop a term database for your project in collaboration with the translation agency, thus ensuring consistency in every translation.


Eliminate Risks

We know the pitfalls and can instruct our translation partners to deliver exactly the input we need to ensure a satisfactory and timely delivery. In other words, we'll take the potential risk of translation inadequacies and timing/synchronization discrepancies of your hands.
As we handle the translation of your voice-over script, we'll make sure that it meets our production requirements. We will serve as your one-point of contact, thus saving you valuable time on coordination.