Our Approach To Quality

“Quality is not just something we aspire to – it is something we control and measure.“ 

We challenge the general belief in our industry, as we do not perceive experience to be the primary quality assurance – what if you have only done “somewhat ok” for the past ten years?
Instead, we achieve quality in our work through an in-depth understanding of our business, products, and customers, and by employing a clear and aligned set of project expectations and deadlines in every project. 


We Roll Like The Car Industry

We make mistakes from time to time – we are human after all.

However, by having defined our error types and identified critical error areas, their root causes, and their permanent solution, we consistently manage to maintain a success rate higher than 95 percent.

To control and measure our ability to deliver high-quality voice-overs, we have adopted the methodical approach, Lean, and Six Sigma, originating from the car industry. These methods help us to define quality objectively, improve our overall quality level and finally, to align quality expectations with our customers.


Our standard setup has a first-time delivery success rate of 95%

If the project includes proof hearing, our first-time delivery success rate increases to 99,8%


We Define

We Measure

We Analyze

We Understand

We Improve

We Control



Quality in – Quality out

The quality of the inputs and project information we receive from you is directly linked to our ability to deliver the right voice product at the agreed time i.e. deliver a high-quality output. 

We know exactly what information we need to achieve your goals and deliver high-quality voice product.

To make sure we get the needed inputs, every project will start with an alignment phase. Here we will ensure that we agree on the project expectations and gather the relevant information and material. In other words, we will challenge you to know exactly what you need to ensure your overall project success. 

To ease this process, we have developed a standardized project alignment framework, which clarifies the “need to have” information, as well as, the “nice to have".

Project Quality Meetings

In large projects and on-going collaborations, we invite you to our project quality assessment meetings. As the basis for these meetings, we produce a report showing our mutual efficiency, according to a set of predefined project metrics. 

Thus, we can continuously strengthen our collaboration and prevent the repetition of specific errors and inefficient behaviors.