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VoiceArchive supplies voice overs in 20 languages for the built-in control panel of one of the world’s leading car makers; Bavarian Motor Works.

When highly acclaimed German car makers BMW research the voice over market for a solution optimizing their onboard vehicle information system, rest assured that nothing is left to chance. They are as thorough doing their research as they are manufacturing their world renowned driving machines.

Few automotive brands are able to demonstrate an impact on history as impressive as BMW’s. From the golden age of propeller aircrafts (hence the characteristic logo symbolizing rotating blades against the blue sky) to today’s high performance driving machines, we’ve seen BMW on the forefront of development.

With BMW’s strong tradition for pioneering automotive innovations and delivering nothing but cutting-edge driving experience, clearly, voice overs enhancing their vehicle information system must be equally cutting-edge.

As a designated BMW supplier we’re not only honored, but also extremely proud to be tasked with the recurrent update of voice overs for BMW’s onboard video guides in 20 different languages.

Ultimate voice overs for ultimate driving machines

In today’s digital reality, driving a car is so much more than just getting from A to B. Rightfully, owners of one of the world’s most exclusive car brands expect the car’s features to reflect the same smooth and hassle free operation guidelines as you would expect from any other device targeted at generation online.

Not surprisingly, in a BMW you’ll see this quest taken a notch further: ConnectedDrive is an array of online and onboard services bundled in the dashboard information system to optimize safety, enhance convenience and improve the overall driving experience.

Packed with Dynamic Performance Control, Surround View, iDrive Controller, Park Assist and about a zillion other innovative features developed by BMW’s team of diligent engineers, the functionality of these versatile technologies is designed to integrate seamlessly with your driving. Every now and then when you need to dig further into the nitty gritty details of these little helpers, assistance is right at hand – or rather; ear. The unique dashboard information system allows you to intuitively browse through a wealth of user-friendly video guides – all voiced over in your mother tongue by VoiceArchive ensuring full understanding of the advanced technologies which all modern BMWs stash under the hood. For increased convenience, the videos can also be accessed through integrated smartphone and tablet apps.

World’s toughest voice over quality assurance

Prior to signing a deal with VoiceArchive for the recurrent update of voice overs for their video guides, BMW ran heavy preliminary testing on everything from voice over quality to delivery performance. We’re proud to say that we passed with flying colors on all parameters including voice talent integrity, tone of voice, audio quality and equally important; systematized processes for order handling, ability to meet deadlines and file transfer system setup.

Our status as a designated BMW supplier makes us particularly proud because meeting BMW’s quality and process standards – the epitome of German precision and craftsmanship – we take this as a token of universal approval of our entire setup. When they shine, we shine.

So, next time you’re up for a BMW cruise – let VoiceArchive guide you.

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