About VoiceArchive

We are a full-service voice-over agency, operating in the global voice-over market.

As a full-service voice-over agency, we can handle your entire voice-over project from A to Z. We serve as your one-point of contact in all voice-over related tasks, and enable you to run the project risk-free. Also, we make sure that the voice-over fits your targets and end-product in the best possible manner.

We Work With Everyone

We’ve got customers in every size and shape. From local entrepreneurs to global companies like Google, BMW, Sony, Adidas and SAP. More than 200,000 voice-overs have been delivered to 4000+ customers, and we are proud to say that our first-time delivery success rate is constantly above 95%.


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One Message – One Voice

Our vision is clear - we believe that there is one voice that will perfectly convey your message, and we want to find it for you.

We Are On A Mission

We convert communication goals into unique voice products, by applying expert knowledge and an ambition to set new standards in close collaboration with our client





We do things a little differently

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Arnsbo Media is an expanding parent company, presently holding six subsidiaries in the tech industry.

The work of each subsidiary is driven by the Arnsbo Media corporate values: 

We Strive For Excellence

We Act Responsibly

We Create WOW

We Play and Win

We Challenge Status Quo

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